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<span>Fees & Billing</span>
Fees & Billing
MGP is a Private Billing Practice. The fee schedule for consultations is posted in the Reception area. Please note that the fees charged for all consultations and procedural items do not exceed and in most instances are substantially less than the AMA recommended fees.

    • In line with current trends in high quality medical services provision, Bulk-Billing is generally not available, other than for Pensioners and in certain discrete circumstances (e.g. results, prescriptions) as may be identified by the doctors. ***
    • Heavily discounted fees are offered to Health Care Card holders.
    • Veterans Affairs patients are entitled to sign the Service Voucher with no out of pocket costs.
    • Third Party reimbursable accounts (WorkCover, TAC, etc) primarily remain the responsibility of the patient, who is also responsible for all 'gap payments' (if any).
    • Please note that higher fees apply to all After Hours Clinic consultations - discounted fees do not apply*.
    • *** Please note that Travel Medicine consultations are privately billed for all patients.

Patients are requested to settle all accounts in full on the day of consultation. Cash, Cheque, EFTPOS and credit card facilities are available.

Please be advised that there may be potential costs if you are referred for investigation, or for an initial consultation with a medical specialist or other allied health professional.